KIM Gwangseok Road

It is decorated with painted mural walls in the theme of the life and music of the deceased Korean pop singer Kim Kwang-suk.
Spanning about 350 meters along the east side of Sincheon dae-ro street, near Bangcheon Market, the road was formed aspart of a project to revitalize traditional markets through cultural issues.
The road has about 70 works in various genres including portraits and sculptures of Kim,
who was born in Daebongdong, Daegu in 1964.
It is a much loved tourist attraction frequented by Kim's fans from the nation as well as tourists.


Dongseongno is the representative place of Daegu,
Lined up along the street are department stores, shopping malls, and many brand name shops for garments and sporting goods,
as well as various cultural spaces like large bookstores, movie theaters,
performance halls, and fancy restaurants and cafes as well.


A scenic amusement park.
take a walk and relax comfortably.
There are amusement park rides and small scale zoo.
You can feed small animals like rabbits

Suseong Lake

Suseong lake is an artificial pond created in 1925 during Japanese colonial era to supply water for agriculture to rural areas.
These days, it is no longer used for agricultural purposes, but has turned into a resting area.
Nearby the pond is Suseong Land which houses benches, trees, cruise boarding dock, biking, bumper car, merrygo round and other entertainment facilities. Also, visitors can enjoy a duck-boat, Dusan waterfalls and other exciting places perfect for excursion.
Built in September 2007, the music fountain operates from May to October four times a day during the week.